Monday, February 25, 2013

Gallery: Boston Psychopathic Hospital

The hospital from the outside (Original Size: 320 x 158)
An old photo of the Boston Psychopathic Hospital (Original Size: 251 x 201)
An original plan for the asylum (Original Size: 283 x 178)
Inside the hospital, early 20th Century (Original Size: 269 x 187)
Inside the hospital, 21st Century (Original Size: 399 x 600)

The hospital a few years before it entered its demolition (Original Size: 402 x 600)
The hospital during its downfall (Original Size: 399 x 600)
Demolition (Original Size: 650 x 432)
Demolishing the hospital (Original Size: 650 x 432)
Rubble (Original Size: 650 x 432)
An exposed staircase (Original Size: 432 x 600)

The entry area, prior to demolition (Original Size: 650 x 433)

Gallery: Bayview Bridge

The Bayview Bridge (Original Size: 386 x 409) 

Gallery: Bryce Hospital

A frontal view of Bryce Hospital (Original Size: 800 x 366)
An old 19th Century photograph of Bryce Hospital (Original Size: 412 x 265
Frontal view of the asylum from the 19th Century (Original Size: 667 x 517) 

19th Century photo of the hospital from a distance (Original Size: 654 x 281)

Part of the brick structures that surround Bryce Hospital (Original Size: 800 x 600)
Part of the brick portion of the hospital (Original Size: 800 x 600)
The entrance to the hospital (Original Size: 800 x 534)
The top spire (Original Size: 800 x 600) 
Part of Bryce Hospital's administration building (Original Size: 611 x 600)